Books Bought & Wanted

Do you have books to Sell Books? We are always looking for first (1st) edition books in hardback, we buy single books or large collections. If you have any old, second-hand or rare books, then get in touch. We also purchase from public and private libraries, and will evaluate or purchase house clearances in the area. Although we're based in Yorkshire we'll travel far and wide to buy good books. We will gladly quote for purchasing via the post (we can provide a courier and will price this in any quote). We give open quotes and can show how the quote breaks down by book and even the profit we expect to make if you wish. 

We also provide free valuations for your rare books, so if you want to know the value of your book do let us know (we reserve the right to charge for valuations of collections though). Do let us know if you have any collectable books or books that are just a bit different / interesting. Our email address is Feel free to contact us just for advice on how to sell your collection. Notes:

 - We often buy books that other dealers wouldn't; we're not just interested in the big sellers.
 - We can help assess if your books are first editions - so don't worry about that.
 - We are also interested in any signed copies of the below authors.
 - Don't worry too much about the dates below, do contact us we might still be interested

Here is a list of rare books that are currently wanted / sought by us (generally hardback in dust jackets, condition varies with price):

A Merritt - The Face in the Abyss
AA Milne - Any First Editions 
A.E. Van Vogt - Pre 1950s First Editions
Agatha Christie - Any Pre-1960 First Editions 
Alan Sillitoe - Any Pre-1960 First Editions in dust jackets. 
Albert Camus - Any first editions 
Aldous Huxley - Any Pre-1940 First Editions in dust jackets. 
Aleister Crowley - Any First Editions 
Alfred Bester - Tiger! Tiger! UK First Edition
Algernon Blackwood - Any pre-1940 First Editions
Ambrose Bierce - Any Early First Editions
Andre Laurie - The Conquest of the Moon
Anne Rice - Any Pre-1990 First Editions 
Anthony Burgess - Any Pre-1980 First Editions 
Anthony Powell - Any Pre-1970 Titles 
Arthur C Clarke - Any Pre-1970 Firsts or any signed editions.
Arthur Conan Doyle - Any First Editions 
Arthur Koestler - Darkness at Noon - Cape, 1940 (Jacket or no Jacket) 
Arthur Miller - Focus, The Misfits, The Crucible or Death of a Salesman First Editions 
Arthur Rackham - Any First Editions 
Atruro Perez-Reverte - The Flanders Panel - Harvill 1994 
Aubrey Beardsley - Any First Editions 
Ayn Rand - Any UK or US First Editions 
Barry Hines - A Kestrel for a Knave - Michael Joseph 1968 
Bernard Cornwell - Any Pre-1990 First Editions in Dust Jackets 
Bram Stoker - Any first editions, or early editions in jackets.
Bret Easton Ellis - American Psycho (Hardback Edition) 
Brian Aldiss - Pre-1960 Hardback in jackets 
Bruce Chatwin - Any first editions in jackets 
Carlos Ruiz Zafon - Any first editions in jackets and fine condition 
Charles Williams - Pre-1960 First Editions
CHB Kitchin - Any Pre-1950 first editions in jackets 
China Mieville - Any first editions, especially signed copies or limited editions
Christopher Isherwood - Any Pre-1950 first editions in dust jackets 
Christopher Priest - The Prestige (Touchstone, 1995)
CJ Sansom - Any First Editions in jackets and fine condition. 
Clifford Simak - Any First Editions
Colin Dexter - Any first editions in jackets published before 1990. 
Cormac McCarthy - Any first editions 
CP Snow - Any pre-1950 first editions 
CS Forester - Any First Editions 
CS Lewis - Any First Editions 
Daphne Du Maurier - Any first editions up to 1945 (in jackets) 
David Eddings - UK Century First Editions
David Gemmell - Most early first editions and signed editions
David Lindsay - Any First Editions
David Lodge - Pre-1980 first editions 
David Mitchell - Any first editions 
David Peace - Any first editions especially paperbacks 
DH Lawrence - Any first editions 
Dodie Smith - The Hundred and One Dalmatians (Heinemann, 1956) and I Capture the Castle (Heinemann, 1949) 
Douglas Adams - Any of the Hitchhiker's Trilogy 
Dylan Thomas - Any First Editions
EB White - Any First Editions in wrappers
Edgar Allan Poe - Any early editions, especially illustrated editions. 
Edgar Rice Burroughs - Any First Editions 
Edgar Wallace - Any First Editions especially King Kong
Edith Nesbit - Any First Editions 
Edmund Dulac - Any First Editions illustrated by Dulac 
Edward Ardizzone - Any Books illustrated by Ardizzone 
Edward Detmold - Any First Editions 
Edward E. Smith - Lensman Series
Edward Gorey - Any Illustrated books 
Edwin Balmer - Any Stokes first editions
Edwin Torres - Carlito's Way and After Hours
Ellery Queen - Any hardback first editions in jackets 
Ellis Peters - Any pre-1990 First editions in jackets 
EM Forster - Any first editions with or without jackets 
Enid Blyton - Any First Editions with jackets 
Eric Ambler - Any Pre-1950 first editions 
Ernest Hemingway - Any First Editions 
Evelyn Waugh - Any first editions 
Folio Society - Some limited editions, numbered editions
Frank Herbert - Dune - UK or US First Editions
Franz Kafka - Any first editions 
Frederick Pohl - Any first editions
Gabriel Garcia Marquez - Any first editions 
George MacDonald Fraser - Any first editions 
George Orwell - Any first editions 
George R R Martin - Any first editions - especially UK Game of Thrones
Georges Simenon - Any Pre-1960 First editions 
GK Chesterton - Any first editions, with or without jackets 
Graham Greene - Any first editions with jackets or pre-1950 without jackets 
Haruki Murakami - Any first editions 
Henry Miller - Most first editions 
Hermann Hesse - Most first editions 
HG Wells - First editions published before 1910 
HP Lovecraft - Any hardback first editions 
Hugo Gernsback - Ralph 123C 41+
Iain Banks and Iain M Banks - Pre-1990 first editions 
Ian Fleming - Any First Editions, some without jackets. Especially James Bond books.
Ian McEwan - Any First Editions published before 1990 
Ian Rankin - Any first editions from the 20th Century! 
Iris Murdoch - Pre-1960 First Editions
Irvine Welsh - Trainspotting published in 1993 
Isaac Asimov - Any first editions published in hardback before 1980 
Italo Calvino - And hardback first editions in jackets 
Jack Kerouac - Any hardback first editions in jackets 
Jack Vetrianno - Any signed first editions
James Blish - A Case of Conscience - UK First Edition
James Ellroy - UK or US first editions published up to and including 1990
James Herbert - Any pre-1980 NEL editions
James Joyce - Any first editions 
JD Salinger - Any first editions 
JG Ballard - Any first editions considered 
JM Barrie - Any first editions 
Joe Abercrombie - Any UK First Editions
Joe Haldeman - The Forever War - UK or US First Editions
John Banville - First editions prior to 1985 
John Brunner - Any first editions considered
John Buchan - Any first editions 
John Christopher - The Death of Grass - UK First Edition
John Dickson Carr - Early first editions 
John Fowles - Pre-1970 First editions 
John Le Carre - Pre-1970 First editions 
John McGahern - Any first editions 
John Steinbeck - Any first editions 
John Stuart Mill - Any first editions 
John W. Campbell - Who Goes There? - Shasta
John Wyndham - Any first editions 
Jorge Borges - Any first editions 
Jose Saramago - Any first editions in dust jackets 
Joseph Conrad - Any first editions 
Joseph Heller - Catch 22 (Cape, 1962) 
JP Sartre - Any first editions 
JRR Tolkien - Any first editions, especially the History of Middle Earth series 
Jules Verne - Any first editions 
Julian Barnes - First editions published before 1985 
Kazuo Ishiguro - Any first editions 
Ken Kesey - One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest (Methuen, 1963) 
Kenneth Grahame - Any first editions 
Kim Stanley Robinson - Any first editions 
Kurt Vonnegut - Any first editions published before 1970 
L Frank Baum - Any books published before 1920 
Larry Niven - Ringworld - Gollancz First Edition
Lawrence Durrell - Any Pre-1970 firsts 
Len Deighton - Any Pre-1970 firsts 
Leslie Charteris - Pre-1940's First Editions 
Lewis Carroll - Any books published before 1920 
Lindsey Davis - Any first editions published by Hutchinson or Sidgwick
Liza Cody - Dupe or Bad Company first editions
Louis De Bernieres - Any first editions from the 1990's
Lucy M Boston - Any Children of Green Knowe novels (US or UK firsts)
Malcolm Lowry - Ultramarine or Under the Volcane US or UK First editions
Mario Puzo - Pre-1970s First Editions (UK or US)
Markus Zusak - The Book Thief - Signed First Editions
Mervyn Peake - Any UK Eyre Gormenghast Novels
Mickey Spillane - Any Pre-1960 First Editions
Milan Kundera - The Joke - UK or US First Editions
MP Shiel - Any First Editions Considered
MR James - Any First Editions Considered
Muriel Spark - Most Pre-1970 First Editions
Neal Stephenson - Most First Editions in Fine Condition
Nevil Shute - Any First Editions Pre-1950 (including A Town Like Alice)
Nick Hornby - Fever Pitch UK First Edition
Nikolai Gogol - Enquire
Norman Lewis - Any first editions up to 1950
Norman Mailer - The Naked and the Dead - US or UK Firsts
Olaf Stapledon - Any pre-1950 first editions
Orson Scott Card - Ender's Game - UK or US first edition
Oscar Wilde - Any First Editions
Paolo Bacigalupi - The Wind-Up Girl - Nightshade 2009
Pat Barker - Any first editions up to Ghost Road (1995)
Patricia Highsmith - Any UK or US First editions published before 1960
Patrick Hamilton - Most First Editions
Patrick O'Brian - Any first editions pre-1990
Patrick Rothfuss - Any first editions
Paul Auster - New York Trilogy First Editions (US or UK)
Paulo Coelho - Enquire
Peter F. Hamilton - Any first editions
Peter V. Brett - Any signed first editions and limited editions
Philip K Dick - Any Hardback First Editions (will consider paperbacks, especially job lots)
Philip Pullman - Any UK first editions published before 2000
Pierre Boileau - Early UK translations
Pierre Boulle - Monkey Planet - Secker 1964
Ralph Ellison - Invisible Man US or UK first edition
Ray Bradbury - Any Hardback First Editions Pre-1970 or signed editions
Raymond Chandler - Any first editions pre-1970 including some in paperback
Raymond Feist - Early first editions, especially Magician
RD Wingfield - Any first editions
Reginald Hill - Any Collins Crime Club First Editions up to 1980
Richard Bachman - Any paperback first editions
Richard Matheson - Most pre-1980 first editions including paperbacks
Richard Morgan - Any first editions
Roald Dahl - Most pre-1980 first editions published in the US or the UK
Robert Aickman - Any fiction first editions
Robert Bloch - Psycho UK or US first edition
Robert E. Howard - Any first editions in jacket
Robert Graves - Any first editions before 1940, or signed/limited editions
Robert Harris - Fatherland (Hutchinson UK)
Robert Heinlein - Any hardback first editions UK or US published up to and including 1980
Robin Hobb - Any hardback UK first editions considered
Robert Jordan - Wheel of Time First Editions
Robert Louis Stevenson - Any First Editions
Roger Zelazny - Any pre-1975 First Editions
Rudyard Kipling - Any first editions, later publications must have jackets

Salman Rushdie - Midnight's Children, Satanic Verses or Grimus First Editions.
Saul Bellow - Pre-1970 first editions
Sax Rohmer - Any first editions, especially interested in copies with complete dustjackets.
Seamus Heaney - Signed copies or any first editions before 1980
Sebastian Faulks - A Trick of the Light, The Girl at the Lion d'Or or Birdsong First UK Editions
SF Masterworks - Any hardback editions
Siegfried Sassoon - Anything before 1930
Stanislaw Lem - Solaris First Editions
Stella Gibbons - First Editions published before 1940
Stephen King - Any pre-1980 first editions, UK or US, proof copies, signed copies and limited editions.
T E Lawrence - Seven Pillars of Wisdom First Editions
Ted Hughes - Most first editions considered, especially signed copies.
Terry Brooks - Early Novels
Terry Goodkind - Wizard's First Rule, Stone of Tears and Blood of the Fold UK Hardback First Editions
Terry Pratchett - Any first editions Pre-2000, any limited editions and any signed first editions.
The Yellow Book - Any copies considered, especially full sets.
Thea Von Harbou - Any hardback editions considered
Theodore Sturgeon - Gollancz First Editions
Thomas Hardy - Any first editions or later editions of early works
Thomas Pynchon - UK or US first editions of V, The Crying of Lot 49 or Gravity's Rainbow
Tim O'Brien - UK or US first editions of If I Die in a Combat Zone or Northern Lights
Tom McCarthy - Remainder published by Metronome Press, limited editions considered.
Truman Capote - US First Editions upto 1960, any signed copies.
TS Eliot - Most first editions, please enquire.
Umberto Eco - Most first editions
Ursula Le Guin - Hardbacks pre-1980, UK or US
Virginia Woolf - Any first editions Pre-1960 preferably in Jackets.
Vladimir Nabokov - Any UK first editions considered
VS Naipaul - First editions up to In a Free State (1971)
W E Johns - Any first editions in Dust Jackets, without dust jackets considered for early novels
W Heath Robinson - Any Illustrated First Editions
W Somerset Maugham - Any first editions
Walter Miller - Any hardback first editions
William Faulkner - Any first editions
William Gibson - UK first editions
William Golding - First editions pre-1960
William Hope Hodgson - Any first editions
William S Burroughs - Any first editions published before 1960, or signed editions
William Trevor - First editions published before 1970 considered.
Winston Churchill - Most first editions considered, signed books especially required.
Wyndham Lewis - Most first editions before 1950
Yann Martel - Life of Pi UK or Canadian First editions with full numberline
Zadie Smith - White Teeth First UK edition

Please note we rarely buy paperbacks (apart from Science Fiction / Fantasy), reprint editions, large coffee table books, Reader's Digest, Mills and Boon etc as they're generally not worth much. We are interested in antiquarian rare books or first editions too, but advise that people just contact us as it's a little trickier for us to specify exactly what we're looking for. York, Bradford, Leeds, Hull, Sheffield, Lincoln, Doncaster, Liverpool and Manchester are a short commute for us, and we'll gladly travel the distance to take a look.