Keith Roberts - Missa Privata Typescript - A PBB Production, n.d. [c1976]

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A PBB Production, n.d. [c1976]. Original Typescript. 33 sheets, single-sided [30 sheets encompass the story, the others are titles etc., c10,000 words, large post quarto paper size]. Only a few corrections, being Roberts' name added to the title, and a handful of small tipped corrections. It is feasible (though we speculate) that it was Roberts who typed this, given that it appears to have been produced under some production company of his own (he was known to be a bit of a bugger when it came to his professional colleagues, we can't find any evidence of PBB Productions, and none of his contemporaries we know seem to recall, which suggests to us that perhaps he was trying it out on his own somewhat). Evidence of staple removal, original paper folder almost entirely split along fold. It must be noted though that, given the provenance, we can't be certain that it is Roberts' original typescript. Though the paper size dates it somewhat.

UPDATE: A colleague mentioned that based on the binding and label it's highly likely that the typescript was put together and typed by Roberts.

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