09Apr A Complete Collection of Gnome Press Publications

The most rewarding thing about this job is not just helping collectors fill gaps in their collections, but helping collectors fill the last gap in their collection. Recently, one of our clients emailed us to let us know that a book we'd sent had completed their collection of Gnome Press publications. Gnome Press ran from 1948 to 1961 producing 86 hardback titles (with a couple of issues / states; namely: Asimov's Foundation and Empire, the Travelers of Space anthology, Smith's Vortex Blaster and Clarke's Sands of Mars), a handful of calendars, fanzines and Armed Forces paperbacks. The company was operated by Martin Greenberg and David Kyle, and was one of the more successful publishers of the era. Lloyd Eshbach provides a great series of biographies of the small publishers of the era in his book Over My Shoulder - well worth a read. 

There can't be too many complete sets out there, particularly in such good condition. The best known are the Asimov trilogy and I, Robot, and the Conan books by Robert E. Howard (and L. Spargue De Camp). It's very rare to find them in such a nice state. Of course, we're more than happy to help complete other people's collections, so if you're in the midst of building a full set just get in touch.

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