21Oct The Excellent Farseer Trilogy

I cannot recommend this trilogy enough. The story is one of the finest of fantasy, and the writer is one of our most gifted (and a lovely person as well). The key to modern fantasy seems to be well-developed characters (along with a cohesive world, and of course a plot).…

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20Oct William Harvey's Illustrations from The Arabian Nights

The Arabian Nights, or more fully One Thousand and One Nights, is one of the most important cultural artefacts that story-telling has produced. The first English language edition was published at the very beginning on the 18th Century, but perhaps the best-known translations, other than Richard Burton's, are those by…

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18Oct Detail from The Invisible Man

Detail from the first edition of The Invisible Man, one of H.G. Wells' best known works. I'm going to say third best-known book after War of the World and Time Machine, but before The Island of Dr Moreau and First Men in the Moon. The Invisible Man was Wells' fifth…

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10Oct J.G. Ballard's Vermilion Sands

On our next mailer (which you can sign up for here: https://buff.ly/2JdR06g), we'll be offering a nice J.G. Ballard Vermilion Sands. If you haven't yet read any Ballard, then you should add him to your list. Ballard is as well known for his short stories as for his novels. Vermilion Sands…

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