30Sep Collecting Arkham House and H.P. Lovecraft First Editions

// An introduction to our 'Collecting Arkham and Lovecraft' category in the ideas section above (here) //One of our most common requests is for books published by Arkham House, often specifically with an interest in H. P. Lovecraft. Let's just a look at a background of the two, and their…

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19Sep We're Live!

Welcome to our new site. It's taken a few days, but we're up and running and hopefully working. Any problems, feel free to reach out (oh, and our blog is here too!)We thought it was time for a little freshen up, and a slight change in the way our design…

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17Sep Britain vs America - Which Editions to Collect

Nope, this isn’t some whimsical hammering on the chest, it’s a brief look at which editions to buy when collecting rare books. As a little spoiler; this won’t provide a set of rules that determine which edition to collect; it’s never that easy. So, what are we talking about exactly,…

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