28Feb Collecting the Hugo and Nebula Awards #1: The Most Nominated Writers

I've spent the morning putting together statistics for the Hugo and Nebula awards and plan on sharing the data over a handful of blog posts. I've only looked at the awards for novel, novella, novelette and short story. That's not to demean the other categories, rather these are the categories book collectors are primarily interested in. Editing and Non-Fiction awards are of course relevant to book collectors, and may alter the statistics, but I'm tailoring this more towards the types of books we sell primarily. Please note too that my numbers might not be entirely accurate, any glaring mistakes please just let me know. We've also combined the two awards to see what light that sheds, perhaps in time we'll include other awards.

Remember, these are only for novel, novella, novelette and short story. And also note that stats can be a bit misleading as a number of authors had started writing prior to one or both of the awards, and many are still writing. Still, it's fun to take a look.

Hugo Awards.

Mike Resnick has been nominated 30 times (once with Susan Shwartz). Connie Willis has received 23 nominations, Robert Silverberg 22 and Michael Swanwick 22 also. 1221 individual stories have been nominated, 15 twice (in different versions, e.g. length). Of the big three, Clarke has had nine nominations, Asimov 14 and Heinlein 17. There have been 394 writers nominated (including groups). For best novel, Heinlein has 11 nominations and Lois McMaster Bujold has ten. 333 writers have been nominated for best novel. The average number of nominations per writer is 2.3.

Nebula Awards.

As to the Nebula, Robert Silverberg has received 22 nominations, 20 for Gene Wolfe. 1296 stories have been nominated, nine twice. As to the big three, Clarke has three nominations, Asimov has six nominations and Heinlein has four nominations. 496 writers have been nominated. For the best novel, Jack McDevitt has 12 nominations and Gene Wolfe has ten. 336 writers have been nominated for best novel. The average number of nominations per writer is 1.8.


Robert Silverberg has the highest number of nominations across both awards with 44 nominations. Resnick has 39, Connie Willis 38. Le Guin has 37. 68 writers have had more than ten nominations. Four publishers have received more than 100 nominations, being the three best known magazines (Asimov's Science Fiction, 431 nominations; Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction, 358 nominations; Analog, 152 nominations. Tor has the highest number of nominations for a book publisher being 94. For best novel only, Silverberg has 18 nominations, Lois McMaster Bujold has 16 and Heinlein has 15. Mike Resnick and Michael Swanwick are perhaps the master of the short story, having received 20 and 19 nominations respectively (NB I always took Dick as being the master of the short story, but he's never been nominated). 

Perhaps it's time to increase the spaces in the big three to six, to include Silverberg, Willis and Resnick?

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