21Oct The Excellent Farseer Trilogy

I cannot recommend this trilogy enough. The story is one of the finest of fantasy, and the writer is one of our most gifted (and a lovely person as well). The key to modern fantasy seems to be well-developed characters (along with a cohesive world, and of course a plot). The last couple of decades has seen fantasy take a greater interest in the antagonist and the anti-hero, usually at the detriment of an actual hero. Whilst it might be seen as a reaction to or even a correction of the perfect, god-derived hero of the fantasy of the previous century, to do away with a good hero altogether can become just as tiresome. Hobb balances these traits; we have a protagonist and his friends that we can get behind, each with their own nuances and annoyances and nemeses that we can despise, more than our heroes.

The pictured edition is from the Subterranean Press, and is available here: https://buff.ly/2OxhJkn 

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