14Jan Numbered and Lettered Limited Editions Wanted - Centipede Press, Subterranean Press etc.

We're currently putting together a couple of collections for clients with a focus on modern small / private publishers of science fiction, fantasy and horror. We are looking for regular numbered editions but also, particularly, lettered editions, where applicable. Please be aware that we don't buy all titles from these publishers. Publishers we're currently seeking to buy single volumes, and entire libraries are:

Centipede Press

Subterranean Press

PS Publishing

Tartarus Press

Ex Occidente / Mount Abraxas

Sarob Press

Egaeus Press

Swan River

Ash-Tree Press

Midnight House

Folio Society

Hill House

Of particular interest at present are:

Berguno, George - Various (Ex Occidente)

Cantwell, Adam - Pallid Wave (Ex Occidente)

Ellis, Bret Easton - American Psycho (Centipede Press)

Erikson, Steven - Malazan (Subterranean Press)

Esslemont, Ian Cameron - Malazan (PS Publishing)

Gaiman, Neil - Various (Hill House)

Ghetu / Watt - Hermetic Legislature (Ex Occidente)

Ghetu - Master in Cafe Morphine (Ex Occidente)

Haldeman, Joe - Forever War (Centipede Press)

Hill, Joe - Various (PS Publishing)

Hjortsberg, William - Falling Angel (Centipede Press)

Hurley, Andrew - The Loney (Tartarus Press)

Lovecraft, H.P. - Various (Centipede Press)

Moorcock, Michael - Elric (Centipede Press)

Murakami, Haruki - Kafka on the Shore (Centipede Press)

Oliver, Reggie - Madder Mysteries (Ex Occidente)

Powers, Tim - Anubis Gates (Centipede Press)

Wolfe, Gene - Book of the New Sun (Centipede Press)

Masters of SF / Weird (Centipede Press)

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