Folio Society Books Bought / Wanted - Particularly Speculative Fiction


Over the last few years, the Folio Society have stepped up their quality in terms of design. Whilst having always employed materials and production toward the higher end of the scale, their design has often been somewhat lacking. This has been addressed to great success. For me personally, I noticed a generally improvement with the publication of the Andrew Lang 'Rainbow' Fairy Books. Each title was grand, sumptuous and profusely illustrated. The design work on the boards was far better than many of the previous titles (though it must be said that the fairy tale collections that mimic the first editions do still have a good deal of merit). 

More recently, the FS have published a swathe of science fiction, the pinnacle perhaps of which would be the recent publication of Dune. The book is oversized, with an introduction by the excellent Michael Dirda, illustrated by Sam Weber and cased in stunning boards. Other titles such as Asimov's Foundation trilogy and an anthology put together by Brian Aldiss don't quite match in terms of production (they were cheaper per volume; so this is to be expected), but they do have a certain appeal. Titles such as Dune and the Lang Fairy books, I feel confident will stand the test of time; insofar as they will always look nice on the shelves, rather than any financial considerations.

We are actively seeking Folio Society books, whether it's individual titles or complete collections we'll take a look. Please note though that we are primarily interested in speculative fiction at the higher end.

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