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The last couple of decades has seen growth in the niche publication of horror, weird and supernatural tales. A number of publishers, such as the Tartarus Press and Ash-Tree Press, have supplied the demand for such stories. Some of the presses focus primarily on unpublished contemorary talent, others mix the living authors with deceased authors whose works have either never been published or have been out of print for decades. At Hyraxia Books, we're always on the lookout for titles in decent condition from these wonderful publishers. The most enticing thing outside of the titles and often the design, is the fact that many of the books are published with small print runs, often numbered and often signed. It's rare to see one of these books with a print run above 500.

Below is a list of publishers we're often looking to buy. We buy single volumes, but also entire collections. Condition is important, but reprints are considered.

  • Arkham House, Sauk City*
  • Ash-Tree Press, Ashcroft
  • Cemetery Dance, Abingdon
  • Centipede Press, Lakewood
  • Dark Harvest, Arlington Heights
  • Durtro Press, London
  • Egaeus Press, Shaftsbury
  • Ex Occidente / Passport Levant, Bucharest
  • Fedogan & Bremer, Minneapolis
  • Ferret Fantasy, London
  • Gauntlet Press, Colorado Springs
  • Ghost Story Press, London
  • Midnight House, Seattle
  • PS Publishing, Hornsea
  • Sarob Press, Kidwelly
  • Subterranean Press, Burton
  • Sundial Press, Sherborne
  • Tartarus Press, Leyburn

*Doesn't really belong in this list, but similar material.

Here's a list of some of the most popular authors from our past stock in this area:

  • Aickman, Robert
  • Hodgson, William Hope
  • King, Stephen
  • Leiber, Fritz
  • Ligotti, Tom
  • Machen, Arthur
  • Samuel, Mark
  • Valentine, Mark
  • Ward, C.E.

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