Collection Building & Consignment Selling

Consignment Selling

We can sell your books for you. If you have a large collection or a small number of valuable books we can sell these for you. We charge a commission on the profit of each book sold. This is agreed with you initially. For convenience, it's best if the books are stored at our premises where they can be catalogued, photographed and offered to clients. The books can be returned to you at any time and the agreement ended by either party. We recommend this only for books valued at over £1000 (though large collections can be more flexible). Books are notoriously slow sellers, so it's worth bearing in mind that it may take months or even years to sell a book or collection.

Collection Building

We specialise in collection building at all levels of expertise. We have built collections from scratch for new collectors, and helped expand existing collections for experienced collectors. For new collectors we offer free consultation and advice, ranging from the types of books to collect including condition and editions, to the actual titles and subjects to collect. This can be particularly useful for young collectors with limited funds who need to make the right decisions. For the more established collectors, there's a good chance you know the field very well. It is however often useful to get a second perspective on how one should progress a collection, so feel free to get in touch.

Book Finding / Procurement

We're good at locating rare books - it's our job. If there's something you're looking for then let us know. Whether it is a single item or a full list feel free to get in touch and we'll add it to our 'radar'. We welcome wants lists be it a single item or a multi-tab spreadsheet. We will do the research to find the correct item. We can also buy on your behalf, either from other members of the trade, or by placing bids at auction for you.

General Advice

We offer advice on rare books - mostly for free. This could be advice on value, scarcity, collecting, buying and selling. Please do note though that we offer this service for free, and cannot always provide detailed information. We spend the most time with enquiries regarding starting collections and selling books.

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