Rare Books as Gifts

Rare books make great gifts. A number of books we sell are bought as gifts for weddings, Christenings, graduations, Christmas etc. The books that seem most popular are children's books, particularly for Christenings and graduations. Any book can be suitable as a gift, but we find that aesthetically pleasing books are usually best. This can often mean opting for a fine or limited edition of a book rather than the first edition. Feel free to give us a call or drop us an email and we can make recommendations and help you pick the right book.

It's worth remembering too that paper is the traditional gift for the first wedding anniversary, and our experts tell us that books are made from paper!

We can gift warp free of charge and exclude invoices etc. if the book is being posted directly to the recipient. Remember, all shipping is free.

The most popular gift books are:

  • Jane Austen's Pride & Prejudice, indeed most of her titles.
  • The Sisters Bronte
  • William Shakespeare sets are popular for graduations
  • Leather rebinds and library sets are often nice gifts, particularly for Christmas and birthdays
  • The Arabian Nights and various other fairy tales seem to work well

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