Rare Early Science Fiction and Fantasy Books - Bought and Wanted

Below is an evolving list of pre-1900 books in the realm of science fiction and fantasy (and weird, supernatural, early horror, interplanetary etc.) that we're on the look out for. Please do get in touch if you have a copy to sell, or indeed if you're looking to buy. Please note that whilst we are interested in the books below, we may not always be in a position to buy a copy you have available, for various reasons, but usually if we already have a copy or two in stock. Please ignore the note in square brackets at the end as these are our internal reference. Also, it's generally first editions we're looking for. Specific reprints we're interested in are usually noted. And condition isn't as important in this area as in modern first, but it is still important. And finally, the list will change over time as we get new customer requests etc.

The best way to get in touch is via email at shop@hyraxia.com. We buy from all over the world, so do not hesitate to get in touch. 

Pseudonyms included below, instead of actual names to allow for ease of finding.

Aikin, Charles - FORTY YEARS WITH THE DAMNED, Regan, 1895 [e]

Ainsworth, William Harrison - THE LANCASHIRE WITCHES, Henry Colburn, 1849 [a]

Anonymous - MOTHER SHIPTON’S MISCELLANY, Brooke, 1878 [c]

Anonymous - THE SECRET OF THE LAMAS, Cassell, 1889 [c]


Anonymous - A FANTASTICAL EXCURSION INTO THE PLANETS, Saunders & Otley, 1839 [e]

Anonymous - A HISTORY OF A VOYAGE TO THE MOON, Lockwood, 1864 [e]

Anonymous - JOURNEYS INTO THE MOON, Vollmer & Haggenmacher, 1837 [e]

Anonymous - MAN ABROAD, Dillingham, 1886 [e]

Anonymous - THE MARS GAZETTE, Arlington Chemical, n.d

Anonymous - MUNCHAUSEN AT WALCHERON, Johnston & Blacklock, 1811 [e]

Anonymous - POLITICS AND LIFE IN MARS, Sampson Low et al, 1883 [e]

Anonymous - THE SECRET OF MANKIND, Putnam’s, 1895 [e]

Anonymous - A JOURNEY TO THE MOON, Howar and Evans, 1815 [e]

Anonymous [Blair, Andrew] - ANNALS OF THE TWENTY-NINTH CENTURY, Tinsley, 1874 [c]

Anonymous [Bulwer-Lytton] - THE COMING RACE, Blackwood, 1871 [c]

Anonymous [Croker, Thomas Crofton] - DANIEL O’ROURKE’S WONDERFUL VOYAGE TO THE MOON, n.d. c1840

Anonymous [Crowe, Catherine] - ARISTODEMUS, Tait, 1838 [c]

Anonymous [D’Aulnoy, Madame] - TEMPLE OF THE FAIRIES, Vernor & Hood, 1804 [c]

Anonymous [Downey, Edmund] - THE UGLY MAN, Downey, 1896 [c]

Anonymous [Howard, Charles F.] - OLYMPUS, Simpkin, Marshall, 1855 [e]

Anonymous [Inchbald, Elizabeth] - THE MOGUL TALE, 1788 [c]

Anonymous [Ives, Cora Semmes] - THE PRINCESS OF THE MOON, Sampson, Low…, 1883 [c]

Anonymous [Loudon, Jane] - THE MUMMY, Henry Colburn, 1827 [First] and 1828 [Second] [c]

Anonymous [Mercier, Louis-Sebastian] - MEMOIRS OF THE YEAR TWO THOUSAND, Jones, 1802 [c]

Anonymous [Raspe, Rudolph Erich] - BARON MUNCHAUSEN, Kearsley, 1793 [e]

Anonymous [Russell, Lord John] - ADVENTURES IN THE MOON, Longman et al, 1836 [e]

Anonymous [Welch, Edgar] - POLITICS AND LIFE IN MARS, Sampson, Low, 1883 [c]

Anonymous [Whiting, Sidney] - HELIONDE, Chapman & Hall, 1855 [e]

Arawiyah, Al - TALES OF THE CALIPH, Fisher Unwin, 1888 [e]

Arnason, Jon - ICELANDIC LEGENDS, Longmans, 1866 [a]

Aratus - A VOYAGE TO THE MOON, 1793 [a]

Ariosto, Ludovico - ORLANDO FURIOSO, Harington, 1591 [e]

Athey, Henry & Bowers, Herbert - WITH GYVES OF GOLD, Dillingham, 1898 [e]

Atterley, John - A VOYAGE TO THE MOON, Elam Bliss, 1827 [a]

Aubrey, Frank - A QUEEN OF ATLANTIS, Hutchinson, 1898 [c]

Aulnoy, Countess d' - A COLLECTION OF NOVELS AND TALES OF THE FAIRIES - Brotherton and Meadows, 1737 (Third Edition) [a]

Balscopo, Gio. Battista - TRAVELS IN PHRENOLOGASTO, Saunders, 1829 [c]

Baring-Gould, Sabine - THE BOOK OF WERE-WOLVES, Smith, Elder, 1865 [c]

Barlow, Joel - THE VISION OF COLUMBUS, Hudson & Goodwin, 1787 [a]

Barrett, Frank - KITTY’S FATHER, Heinemann, 1893 [c]

Beckford, William - AN ARABIAN TALE [VATHEK], Johnson, 1786 

Behn, Aphra - THE EMPEROR OF THE MOON, 1687 [e]

Berington, Simon - THE ADVENTURES OF SIGR. GAUDENTIO DI LUCCA, Gent, 1737 [a]

Bierce, Ambrose - TALES OF SOLDIERS AND CIVILIANS, Steele, 1891 [a]

Bignon, Jean Paul - THE ADVENTURES OF ABDALLA, Worrall, 1729 [a]

Black, William - IN FAR LOCHABER, Sampson, Low, 1888 [c]

Blackmore, Richard - PRINCE ARTHUR, Awnsham & John Churchil, 1695 [c]

Blot, Thomas - THE MAN FROM MARS, Bacon, 1891 [c]

Bodmer, Johann Jacob - NOAH, Dodsley, 1767 [c]

Bodin, Felix - LE ROMAN DE L’AVENIR, Locquin, 1834 [d]

Boussenard, Louis - 10,000 YEARS IN A BLOCK OF ICE, Tennyson Neely, 1898 [e]

Bulwer-Lytton, Edward - THE HAUNTED AND THE HAUNTERS, Gowans, 1905 [a]

Bulwer-Lytton, Edward - A STRANGE STORY, Sampson Low, 1862 [a]

Butler, Samuel - EREWHON, Truebner, 1872 [d]

Braine, Robert - MESSAGES FROM MARS, Ogilvie, 1892 [e]

Brereton, Cloudesley - THE LAST DAYS OF OLYMPUS, Kagan Paul, 1889 [e] 

Brown, F.H. - ONE DOLLAR’S WORTH, Brown, 1893 [c]

Brunt, Captain Samuel - A VOYAGE TO CACKLOGALLINIA, Watson, 1727 [a]

Campbell, Sir Gilbert - MYSTERIES OF THE UNSEEN, Ward, Lock, 1889 [a]

Campbell, J.F. - POPULAR TALES OF THE WEST HIGHLANDS, Edmonston and Douglas, 1860-1862 [a]

Carter, Tremlett - THE PEOPLE OF THE MOON, Electrician, 1895 [e]

Chambers, Robert W. - THE KING IN YELLOW, Tennyson, Neely, 1895

Chavis, Denis and Cazotte, Jacques - ARABIAN TALES, Robinson, 1792 [a]

Chasseboeuf - THE RUINS, Johnson, 1792 [c] 

Clarke, F.M. - A MAIDEN OF MARS, Sergel, 1892 [e]

Cole, Cyrus - THE AURORAPHONE, Kerr, 1890 [e]

Coleridge, Samuel Taylor - CHRISTABEL: KUBLA KHAN, Murray, 1816 [b]

Coleridge, Samuel Taylor - LYRICAL BALLADS, Arch, 1798 [b]

Coleridge, Sara - PHANTASMION, Pickering, 1837 [c]

Collins, Madel - THE IDYLL OF THE WHITE LOTUS, Reeves & Turner, 1884 [c]

Corbett, Julian - KOPHETUA THE THIRTEENTH, Macmillan, 1889 [c]

Corelli, Marie - THE SOUL OF LILITH, Bentley, 1892 [c]

Corelli, Marie - A ROMANCE OF TWO WORLDS, Bentley, 1886 [c]

Crawford, T.C. - THE DISAPPEARANCE SYNDICATE,  Reed, 1894 [c]

Croly, George - SALATHIEL, Henry Colburn, 1828 [a]

Cromie, Robert - A PLUNGE INTO SPACE, Warne, 1890 [c]


Dail, C.C. - THE STONE GIANT, Tennyson Neely, 1898 [c]

Dail, C.C. - WILLMOTH THE WANDERER, Haskell, 1890 [e]

Daniel, Gabriel - VOIAGE DU MONDE DE DESCARTES, Paris, 1690 [a]

Dante Alighieri - A TRANSLATION OF THE INFERNO, Boyd, 1785 [b]

Dante Alighieri - THE VISION, Taylor and Hessey, 1814

Dante Alighieri - THE DIVINE COMEDY, Osgood, 1871 [c]

Davy, Humphry - CONSOLATIONS IN TRAVEL, John Murray, 1830 [e]

De Chatelain, Clara - THE SEDAN CHAIR, Routledge, 1866 [e]

Defoe, Daniel - THE CONSOLIDATOR, Bragg, 1705 [a]

Defoe, Daniel - A JOURNAL OF THE PLAGUE YEAR, 1722

De La Roche, Charles-Francois Tiphaigne - GIPHANTIA, Faulkner, 1761 [c]

Desfontaines, Abbe - THE TRAVELS OF MR JOHN GULLIVER. Lockman, 1731 [a]

Delorme, Charles - CHARLES THUNDERBOLT. Gunn, 1851 [e]

Dixie, Florence - GLORIANA,  Henry, 1890 [b]

Doughty, Francis - MIRRIKH. Burleigh, 1892 [e]

Douglass, Ellsworth - PHAROAH’S BROKER. Pearson, 1899 [e]

Donovan, Dick - TALES OF TERROR, Chatto & Windus, 1899 [a]

Donnelly, Ignatius - CAESAR’S COLUMN, Sampson Lw, 1891 [c]

Douglas, Walter - TALES OF THE WILD AND WONDERFUL - Robinson, 1825 [b]

Drinkwater, Mark - THE UNITED WORLDS, Hamilton, NY, 1834 [a]

D’Urfey, Thomas - A COMMON-WEALTH OF WOMEN, Applebee, 1736 [c]

D’Urefy, Thomas - WONDERS IN THE SUN, Tonson, 1706 [c]

Erskine, Thomas - ARMATA. John Murray, 1816 & 1817, First And Second Parts and Second Edition. [a]

Exploralibus [Haywood, Eliza] - THE INVISIBLE SPY, Gardner, 1755 [c]

Flammarion, Nicolas Camille - LA FIN DU MONDE, Paris, 1893 [d]

Flammarion, Camille - LUMEN. Heinemann, 1897 [e]

Flammarion, Camille - OMEGA. Cosmopolitan, 1894 [e]

Flammarion, Camille - URANIA. Estes, 1890 [e]

Flournoy, Th - FROM INDIA TO THE PLANET MARS. Harper, 1900 [e]

Folingsby, Kenneth - MEDA. Mitchell, 1892 [e]

Fouque, Friedrich De La Motte - UNDINE, Simpkin, 1818 [c]

Fowler, George - A FLIGHT TO THE MOON. Miltenberger, 1813 [e]

Fugitive, A - THE FOOL KILLER. APA, 1885 [e]

Fuller, Ira - MYSTERIES OF EARTH. Moulton, 1899 [e]

Gaston, Henry - MARS REVEALED, Bancroft, 1880 [e]

Gazlay, Allen - RACES OF MANKIND, Longley Brothers, 1856 [a]

Geoffroy, Louis - NAPOLEON APOCRYPHE, Paris, 1841 [a]

Geoffroy, Louis NAPOLEON ET LA CONQUETE DU MONDE 1812 A 1832, Paris, Delloye, 1836 [d]

Gerrare, Wirt - PHANTASMS, Roxburghe, 1895 [c]

Gilbert, William - THE MAGIC MIRROR, Strahan, 1866 [a]

Gilchrist, R. Murray - THE STONE DRAGON, Methuen, 1894 [c]

Gilman, Charlotte Perkins - HERLAND: IN THE FORERUNNER, New York, 1915

Glass, MRs - RUTH’S MARRIAGE. Los Angeles, 1912 [e]


Godwin, William - ST. LEON, Robinson, 1799-1800 [a]

Godwin, William - THINGS AS THEY ARE - Robinson, 1796. Second Edition [a]

Grainville, Jean-Baptiste - LE DERNIER HOMME. Deterville, 1805 [d]

Grandville and Taxile Delord - UN AUTRE MONDE, Fournier, 1844 [a]

Granville, Austyn - THE FALLEN RACE, Neely, 1892 [c]

Gratacap, L.P. - THE CERTAINTY OF A FUTURE LIFE IN MARS. Brentano’s, 1903 [e]

Graves, C,L. & Lucas, E.V. - THE WAR OF THE WENUSES. Arrowsmith, 1898 [e]

Greene, Nunsowe - A THOUSAND YEARS HENCE. Sampson, Low, 1882 [e]

Greg, Percy - ACROSS THE ZODIAC, Trubner, 1880 [c]

Griffith, Mary - CAMPERDOWN, Carey, Lea and Blanchard, 1836 [a]

Griggs, William - MOON STORY, Bunnell and Price, 1852 [a]

Gueullette - MOGUL TALES

Gulliver, Lemuel - LILLIPUT, Chapman, 1796 [a]

Haggard, H. Rider - AN HEROIC EFFORT, Butler and Tanner, 1893 [c]

Hale, Edward Everett - HIS LEVEL BEST, Roberts, 1872 [e]

Harben, W.N. - THE LAND OF THE CHANGING SUN, MErriam, 1894 [c]

Harte, Bret - THE CRUSADE OF THE EXCELSIOR, White, 1887 [c]

Haywood, Eliza - THE UNFORTUNATE PRINCESS, Wright, 1741 [c]

Hanvet, Robert - MYORA. Gimlin, 1903 [e]


Haywood, Eliza - ADVENTURES FO EOVAAI, Baker, 1736 [c]

Hermes - ANOTHER WORLD. Tinsley, 1873 [e]

Himmel, Ernst von - THE DISCOVERED COUNTRY. Von Himmel, 1889 [e]

Holberg, Ludvig - NICOLAI KLIMII..., Hafniae & Lipsiae, 1741 [a]

Holberg, Ludvig - A JOURNEY TO THE WORLD UNDER-GROUND, Astley, 1742 [a]

Hoffmann, E.T.A. - THE DEVIL’S ELIXIR, Blackwood, 1824 [c]

Homer - THE ODYSSEY, Osborne, 1760 [c]

Housman, Clemence - THE UNKNOWN SEA, Duckworth, 1898 [c]

I.S.E [James Carnegie] - HERMINIUS, Edmondston, 1862 [c]

James, G.P.R. - THE CASTLE OF EHRENSTEIN, Smith, Elder, 1847 [a]

James, Henry - THE TWO MAGICS, Heinemann, 1898 

Jane, Fred - THE VIOLET FLAME, Ward, Lock, 1899 [c]

Jane, Fred - TO VENUS IN FIVE SECONDS. Innes, 1897 [e]

Jefferies, Richard - AFTER LONDON, Cassell, 1885 [c]

Johnson, W. Cairnes - BEYOND THE ETHER. Maine, 1896 [e]

J.W.M - THE SIEGE OF LONDON, Hardwicke, 1871 [c]

Keightley, Thomas - THE FAIRY MYTHOLOGY, William Harrison Ainsworth, 1828 [a]

Kelly, Teague - MUCCA SCOB. Private, 1885 [e]

Kepler, Johannes - SOMNIUM, 1634 [a]

Kline, Otis Adelbert - MAZA OF THE MOON, McClurg, 1930

Lach-Szyrma, Wladislaw Somerville - A VOICE FROM ANOTHER WORLD, Parker, 1874 [c]

Lach-Szyrma, Wladislaw Somerville - ALERIEL, Wyman, 1883 [c]

Lang, Herbert - THE AIR BATTLE, 1859 [d]

Laurie, Andre - CONQUEST OF THE MOON. Sampson Low, 1889 [e]

Le Fanu, J. Sheridan - DUBLIN UNIVERSITY MAGAZINE [MOST ISSUE], Currey, 1839-1840 [c]

Le Fanu, J. Sheridan - THE HOUSE BY THE CHURCH-YARD, Bentley, 1866, New Edition [a]

Leggett, M D - A DREAM OF A MODEST PROPHET. Lippincott, 1890 [e]

L’Estrange, Henry - PLATONIA. Arrowsmith, 1893 [e]

Lee, Sophia - THE RECESS, Burnet et al, 1786, Dublin Edition [a]

Lee, Vernon - HAUNTINGS, Heinemann, 1890 [c]

Lewis, Matthew Gregory - THE MONK, J. Bell, 1796 [a]

Lewis, Matthew Gregory - TALES OF WONDER, Bulmer, 1801 [a]

Lewis, Matthew Gregory - ROMANTIC TALES - Longman, Hurst…, 1808 [c]

Locke, Richard Adams - THE CELEBRATED MOON STORY - Bunnell, 1852 [e]

Lucian of Samosata - CERTAINE SELECT DIALOGUES OF LUCIAN, Turner, 1634

Lunatic, Nicholas - SATIRIC TALES. Hughes & Symonds, 1808 [e]

Lunatic, Sir Humphry - A TRIP TO THE MOON, York 1764 [e]

Lurgan, Lester & Ganthony, Richard - A MESSAGE FROM MARS. Greening, 1912 [e]

MacColl, Hugh - MR STRANGER’S SEALED PACKET. Chatto, 1889 [e]

MacDonald, George - PHANTASTES, Smith, Elder, 1858 [a]

Machen, Arthur - THE THREE IMPOSTORS, John Lane, 1895 [c]

Machen, Arthur - THE GREAT GOD PAN, John Lane, 1894 [c]

Maginn, William - WHITEHALL, Marsh, 1827 [a]

Maitland, Edward - BY AND BY, Bentley, 1873 [c]

Malone, Walter - THE COMING OF THE KING. Lippincott, 1897 [e]

Malory, Thomas - LA MORT D’ARTHUR, Wilks, 1816 [c]

Malory, Thomas - LE MORTE D’ARTHUR, Dent, 1893 [c]

Marshall, Bourton - SHADOW OF ERKSDALE, Tinsley, 1875 [c]

Martin, Nettie Parrish - A PILGRIM’S PROGRESS IN OTHER WORLDS. Mayhew, 1908 [e]  

Maturin, C.R. - BERTRAM, John Murray, 1816 [a]

McDermot, Murtagh - A TRIP TO THE MOON, Roberts, 1728 [e]

McIver, G - NEUROOMIA, Robertson, 1894 [c]

Melville, Herman - MARDI, Harper, 1849 [a]

Melville, Herman - OMOO, John Murray, 1847 [a]

Mercier, Louis Sebastien - MEMOIRS OF THE YEAR TWO THOUSAND, Dobson, 1795 [a]

Mercier, Louis Sebastien - L'AN DEUX MILLE QUATRE CENT QUARANTE, Amsterdam, 1771 [a]

Mitchell, Isaac - THE ASYLUM, Nelson, 1811 [c]

More, Thomas - UTOPIA, Froben, 1518

More, Thomas - UTOPIA, Chiswell, 1684 [c]

Morell, Charles - THE TALES OF THE GENII, Wilkie, 1764 [a]

Morris, Anthony P. - THE SERPENT SIN, Classic, 1892 [c]


Morrow, W.C. - THE APE, THE IDIOT AND OTHER PEOPLE, Lippincott, 1897 [c]

Munkittrick, Richard - THE MOON PRINCE. Harper, 1893 [e]

Munro, John - A TRIP TO VENUS. Jarrold, 1897 [e]

Nembhard, Mabel - FANTASIES. Allen, 1896 [e]

Nisbet, Hume - THE HAUNTED STATION, White, 1894 [a]

Notley, F.E.M. - MIND, BODY AND ESTATE, Ward & Downey, 1885 [c]

Olerich, Henry - A CITYLESS AND COUNTRYLESS WORLD. Gilmore, 1893 [e]

Oliphant, Laurence - MASSOLLAM, Blackwood, 1886 [c]

Ollier, Charles - FALLACY OF GHOSTS, Ollier, 1848 [c]

Ouida - A HOUSE PARTY, Hurst & Blackett, 1887 [c]

Oxenford, John & Feiling, C.A. Chapman & Hall, 1844 [e]

Pallender, Edwin - ACROSS THE ZODIAC. Digby, Long, 1896 [e]

Paltock, Robert - THE LIFE AND ADVENTURES OF PETER WILKINS, Robinson, 1751 [a]

Parmele, Mary Platt - ARIEL. Alliance, 1898 [e]

Peabody, Joel - A WORLD OF WONDERS. Davis, 1838 [e]

Penrice, Arthur - SKYWARD AND EARTHWARD. Tinsley, 1875 [e]

Perce, Elbert - GULLIVER JOI. Scribner, 1852 [e]

Poe, Edgar Allan - TALES, Wiley & Putnam, 1845 [b]

Pope, Gustavus - JOURNEY TO MARS. Dillingham, 1894 [e]

Pope, Gustavus - JOURNEY TO VENUS. Arena, 1895 [e]

Polidori, John - THE VAMPYRE, Sherwood, Neely and Jones, 1819, Various Issues [a]

Potter, Rober - THE GERM GROWERS. Hutchinson, 1892 [e]

Priest, A. - THE OPEN SECRET. Arena, 1893 [e]

Prichard, K and Hesketh - GHOSTS: BEING THE EXPERIENCES OF FLAXMAN LOW, Pearson, 1899

Proctor, Richard A. - THE BORDERLAND OF SCIENCE. Smith, Elder, 1873 [e]

Pruning Knife - THE KEY OF INDUSTRIAL CO-OPERATIVE GOVERNMENT. Privately printed, 1886 [e]

Radcliffe, Ann - GASTON DE BLONDEVILLE, Henry Colburn, 1826 [a]

Radcliffe, Ann - THE MYSTERIES OF UDOLPHO, Robinson, 1794 [a]

Ramsey, Milton - THE AUSTRAL GLOBE. Ramsey, 1892 [e]

Ramsey, Milton - SIX THOUSAND YEARS HENCE. Roper, 1891 [e]

Ramsey, Milton - TWO BILLIONS OF MILES. 1900 [e]

Raymond, Rossiter - THE MAN IN THE MOON. American News, 1872 [e]

Reeve, Clara - THE EXILES, Byrne et al, 1789 [a]

Rhodes, William - CAXTON’S BOOK. Bancroft, 1876 [e]

Richardson, Benjamin - HYGEIA, Macmillan, 1876 [c]

Richards, Lysander - BREAKING UP. Farwell, 1896 [e]

Richter, Eugene - PICTURES OF THE SOCIALISTIC FUTURE, Swan Sonnenschein, 1893

Roberts, Morley - KING BILLY OF BALLARAT, Lawrence & Bullen, 1892 [c]

Rowcroft, Charles - THE TRIUMPH OF WOMAN. Parry, 1848 [e]

Rustoff, Michael - WHAT WILL MRS GRUNDY SAY? Simpkin, 1891 [e]

Russen, David - ITER LUNARE, Nutt, 1703 [e]


Sadler, John - OLBIA, Hartlib, 1660 [a]


Savage, Timothy - THE AMAZONIAN REPUBLIC, Colman, 1842 [c]

Scott, G. Firth - THE LAST LEMURIAN, Bowden, 1898 [c]

Seaborn, Captain Adam - SYMZONIA, Seymour, 1820 [a]

Settle, Elkanah - THE WORLD IN THE MOON, 1697 [e]

Shelley, Mary - FRANKENSTEIN, Henry Colburn, 1831 [a]

Shelley, Mary - THE LAST MAN, Henry Colburn, 1826 [a]

Skorpios, Antares - HISTORY OF A RACE OF IMMORTALS WITHOUT A GOD. McGee, 1891 [e]

Souvestre, Emile - LE MONDE TEL QU’IL SERA, Coquebert, 1846 [d]

Square, A - FLATLAND, Seeley, 1884 [c]

Steelnib, Jocundus - FREAKS OF THE IMAGINATION. Kent, 1852

Stevenson, Robert Louis - STRANGE CASE OF DR JEKYLL AND MR HYDE, Longmans, Green and Co. 1886

Stewart, Stanley - THE PROFESSOR’S LAST EXPERIMENT. Sonnenschein, 1888 [e]

Suddick, Louise - ZERELDA. Tennyson, Neely, 1899 [e]

Thomson, W. [as The Man of the People] THE MAN IN THE MOON, Murray, 1783 [e]

Town Mouse, AMONG THE CLODS. Tinsley, 1884 [e]

Two Women of the West, UNVEILING A PARALLEL. Arena, 1893 [e]

Trueman, Chrysostom - THE HISTORY OF A VOYAGE TO THE MOON, Lockwood, 1864 [a]

Tyssot de Patot, Simon - VOYAGES ET AVANTURES DE JAQUES MASSE, Bourdeaux, 1710

Vivenair - A JOURNEY PERFORMED THROUGH THE AIR, London, 1784 [e]

Volney, M - THE RUINS. Stockdale, 1801

Voltaire - MICROMEGAS, Wilson, 1753 [a]

Walpole, Horace - THE CASTLE OF OTRANTO, Lownds, 1765

Wells, H.G. - THE ISLAND OF DR MOREAU, Heinemann, 1896 [c]

Wells, H.G. - THE WAR OF THE WORLDS, Pearson, 1897 [c]

Wells, H.G. - THE TIME MACHINE, Heinemann, 1895 [c]

Wells, H.G. - THE INVISIBLE MAN, Pearson, 1897 [c]

White, Charles - THE CASHMERE SHAWL, Henry Colburn, 1840 [c]

Whiteley, Elizabeth - THE DEVIL’S THRONE. Digby, Long, 1903 [e]

Wilkins, John - THE DISCOVERY OF A NEW WORLD, Norton, 1640 [a]



Yelverton, Christopher - ONEIROS, Kagan Paul, 1889 [e]

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