Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror Rare Books Bought and Wanted

We specialise in rare speculative fiction (the umbrella term for science fiction, fantasy, horror, weird fiction, supernatural fiction, ghost stories, magic realism, mythology, fairy tales etc). Below is an incomplete list of speculative fiction first editions we're currently looking for. Some of these are very scarce, others are quite common but still collectable. We generally buy first editions in hardback and look for copies as published (i.e. with dust jackets where issued, not book club editions). Much speculative fiction was first published in paperback and while we do buy paperbacks where needed, we usually look for the first edition in hardback (though later editions are sometimes collectable). Condition is paramount, we can offer much more for fine copies than for poor copies.

If you have something on the list, or something you think may be of interest please do get in touch on 07557 652 609 or email us at

This is not an exhaustive list, but it is categorised to give a rough idea. Please note, we don't buy all titles by these authors, in most cases it's only a small number of titles we buy.


This is a list of authors we specialise in and carry a large stock of.

Other Items

  • Signed letters
  • Proof copies / advanced reading copies / galleys
  • Manuscripts and typescripts
  • Any other interesting / unique items
  • Original cover art / illustrations
  • Screenplays
  • Pre-1940 Books in Dustjackets
  • Association copies
  • Anything signed / inscribed / autographed by Philip K. Dick
  • Any first editions signed / inscribed / autographed by Stephen King
  • Any first editions signed / inscribed / autographed by Terry Pratchett
  • Any first editions signed / inscribed / autographed by Haruki Murakami
  • Anything signed / inscribed by Robert Heinlein
  • Anything signed / inscribed by Jules Verne
  • Anything signed / inscribed by H.G. Wells
  • Anything signed / inscribed by Bram Stoker
  • Anything signed / inscribed by C.S. Lewis
  • Anything signed / inscribed by Italo Calvino

Books and Authors we're currently seeking.

A. Merritt - Various [inc. The Face in the Abyss, Burn Witch Burn]
A.E. Abbott - Flatland [first edition]
A.E. Van Vogt - Various [inc. Slan, Voyage of the Space Beagle]
A.L. Harris - the Sin of Salome
A.M. Burrage - Intruders
A.M. Fleming - Captain Kiddle
A.M. Judd - Pharoah's Turquiose
A.W. Kerr - Space
Adelbert von Chamisso - Peter Schlemihl
Alan Ash - Conditioned for Space
Alan Hyder - Vampires Overhead
Alexander Craig - Ionia
Alexei Panshin - Rite of Passage
Alfred Bester - Various [inc. The Demolished Man, Tiger! Tiger!]
Algernon Blackwood - Various [inc. The Listener, The Empty House, John Silence]
Algernon Petworth - The Little Wicket Gate
Algris Budrys - Who?
Alonzo Deen Cole - The Witch's Tale [Magazine, either issue]
Alvardo Fuller - AD 2000
Ambrose Bierce - Various [inc. In the Midst of Life, Can Such Things Be?
Andre Laurie - The Conquest of the Moon
Andre Norton - Storm Over Warlock, Fur Magic
Angela Carter [Bloody Chamber, Magic Toyshop and a couple of others]
Ann Radcliffe - Various [inc. A Sicilian Romance, The Mysteries of Udolpho, The Italian]
Anne McCaffrey - Various [inc. Dragonflight, The Ship Who Sang, Dragonquest, Dragon Singer]
Anne Rice - Interview with a Vampire
Anthony Boucher - Far and Away
Anthony Burgess - Clockwork Orange
Anthony North (Dean Koontz) - Strike Deep
Arlington Chemical Co. - The Mars Gazette
Arthur A. Nelson - Wings of Danger
Arthur Bird - Looking Forward
Arthur C Clarke - Various [inc. Against the Fall of Night, Childhood's End, 2001: A Space Odyssey]
Arthur Machen - Various [inc. The Great God Pan, The Three Imposters, The Hill of Dreams, The Shining Pyramid]
Arthur Train - The Man Who Rocked the Earth
August Derleth - Various [inc. Dark of the Moon, Three Problems for Solar Pons, The Casebook of Solar Pons]

Barry Pain - An Exchange of Souls
Ben Bova - The Star Conquerors
Benson Herbert - Crisis! 1992
Bernard Capes - Various [inc. At A Winter's Fire, The Mill of Silence, Plots]
Bernhard Kellerman - The Tunnel
Bob Shaw - Various [inc. Other Days, Other Eyes]
Boris and Arkady Strugatsky - Various [inc. Roadside Picnic, The Snail on the Slope]
Boris Karloff - And The Darkness Falls
Bram Stoker - Various [inc. Under the Sunset, Dracula, The Lair of the White Worm, Dracula's Guest
Brian Aldiss - Various [inc. Space, Time and Nathaniel, Non-Stop, Hothouse]

C. Regnas - The Land of Nison
C.A. Dawson Scott - The Vampire
Camille Flammarion - Urania
Carter Dickson - The Department of Queer Complaints
Catherine Crowe - Ghosts and Family Legends
Cedric Dane Waldo - The Ban of the Gubbe
Charles Beaumont - Selected Stories
Charles Brockden Brown - Various [inc. Arthur Mervyn, Edgar Huntly, Ormond, Wieland]
Charles Dixon - Fifteen Hundred Miles An Hour
Charles Edgar De Anguerre - Man the Molecule
Charles Eric Maine - The Tide Went Out
Charles Finney - The Circus of Dr Lao
Charles Foley - Kowa the Mysterious
Charles L. Harness - Flight Into Yesterday
Charles Lee Swem - Werewolf
Charles Llody Birkin - Shivers
Charles Loring Jackson - The Gold Point
Charles Williams - Various [inc. War in Heaven, Many Dimensions, Shadows of Ecstasy]
Charlotte Haldane - Man's World
Charlotte Perkins Gilman - Herland, With Her in Ourland
Chas L'Epine - The Lady of the Leopard
China Mieville - Various
Christine Campbell Thomson [Editor] - Not at Night
Christopher Barker - Tenebrous Tales
Christopher Blayre - The Cheetah-Girl
Cicely Hamilton - Lest Ye Die
CL Moore - Judgment Night, No Boundaries
Clara Reeve - Various [inc. The Champion of Virtue, The Old English Baron]
Clark Ashton Smith - Various [inc. Genius Loci, The Dark Chateau]
Clemence Housman - The Were-Wolf
Clifford D. Simak - Various [inc. City, Way Station]
Connie Willis - The Doomsday Book
Curt Siodmak - Donovan's Brain
Cutcliffe Hyne - The Lost Continent
Cynthia Asquith - Various [inc. The Second Ghost Book, The Black Cap]

D.E. Stevenson - The Empty World
D.P. Watt - An Emporium of Automata, This Hermetic Legislature
Dan Simmons - Hyperion
Daniel Galouye - Dark Universe, The Lost Perception
Daniel Keyes - Flowers for Algernon
David Brin - Startide Rising
David Eddings - Pawn of Prophecy, Queen of Sourcery, Castle of Wizardry, Magician's Gambit, Enchanter's End Game
David Gemmell - Various [inc. King Beyond the Gate, Legend]
David Hussey - No Sting, No Honey
David Lindsay - Various [inc. A Voyage to Arcturus, The Haunted Woman, Sphinx, Devil's Tor]
David Mitchell - Cloud Atlas
David Park Barnitz - The Book of Jade
David Skaats Foster - Prince Timoteo
Dean Koontz - The Pig Society, The Underground Lifestyles Handbook
Don Maguire - The American Adventurer
Donald W. Horner - By Aeroplane to the Sun
Dorothy Brande - Beauty Vanishes
Douglas Adams - The Life and Times of Madame du Barry
Douglas Adams - Various [inc. The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, Life, The Universe and Everything]
Dryasdust - Tales of the Wonder Club

E. Nesbit - Fear
E.A. Johnson - Light Ahead for the Negro
E.F. Benson - Various [inc. Spook Stories]
E.G. Swain - Various [inc. Stoneground Ghost Tales, The Stoneground Ghost]
E.H. Visiak - Manuscript Material
E.R. Eddison - Various [inc. Mistress of Mistresses, The Worm Ouroboros]
E.T.A. Hoffmann - First editions
Eden Phillpotts - Various [inc. Loup-Garou, A Voice from the Dark]
Edgar Allan Poe - Various [inc. The Bells and Other Poems, Tales of Mystery and Imagination]
Edgar Jepson - The Garden at 19
Edgar Pangborn - A Mirror for Observers, Davy
Edgar Rice Burroughs - Various [inc. Tarzan first editions in jackets, Mars and Venus books]
Edgar Wallace - King Kong
Edmond Hamilton - Various [inc. Horror on the Asteroid]
Edmund Snell - The Back of Beyond
Edmund Spenser - Various [inc. The Faerie Queene - various editions]
Edward Bellamy - Looking Backward: 2000-1897, Equality
Edward Bulmer-Lytton - The Coming Race
Edward E. Smith - Various [First Lensman, History of Civilisation (6vols)]
Edward F. Spence - A Freak of Fate
Edward S. Ellis - The Huge Hunter
Edwin Arnold Bernholtz - The Recodring Angel
Edwin Balmer - When Worlds Collide, After Worlds Collide
Ellen Glasgow - The Shadowy Third
Elliott O'Donnell - Various [inc. Famous Curses, Rooms of Mystery]
Eric Frank Russell - WASP
Erle Cox - Out of the Silence
Ernest Bramah - Various [inc. The Wallet of Kai Lung]
Ernst Rohden - Der Kaiser Won Sudafrika
Erroll Collins - Mariners of Space
Eugene Shade Bisbee - The Treasure of the Ice
Eugveny Zamyatin - We [Dutton, Cape, Russian Language, others]

F Dickberry - The Storm of London
F. Harris Burland - Early First Editions
F Le Gros Clark - Between Two Men
F.M. Mayor - The Room Opposite
Fergus Hume - The Year of Miracle, The Dwarf's Chamber
Florence Marryat - The Blood of the Vampire
Forbes Phillips - War and the Weird
Francis Godwin - The Man in the Moone
Francis Hickes - Lucian, 1634
Frank Belknap Long - The Hounds of Tindalos, The Horror from the Hills
Frank Herbert - Various [inc. The Dragon in the Sea, Dune]
Frank M Robinson - The Power
Frank Powell - The Wolf-Men
Frank R. Stockton - The Great Stone of Sardis
Frankfort Moore - The Secret of the Court
Franz Kafka - English and German editions [inc. The Castle, The Metamorphosis, The Trial, America]
Fred H. Brown - One Dollar's Worth
Frederick Costello - Sure Dart
Frederick Norton - Toronto in 1928 A.D.
Frederik Pohl - Various [inc. Gateway]
Frederick R Ewing (Theodore Sturgeon) - I, Libertine
Fredric Brown - Various [inc. What Mad Universe, Space on my Hands]
Friedrich de la Motte Fouque - Undine [1818]
Friedrich Schiller - Der Geisterseher
Fritz Leiber - Various [Night's Black Agents, The Big Time]
Frona Eunice Wait - Yermah the Dorado

G Manville Fenn - The Man with a Shadow
G.P.R. James - The Castle of Ehrenstein
Gabriel Garcia Marquez - Various [inc. One Hundred Years of Solitude, and original Spanish-language editions]
Garrett P. Serviss - Edison's Conquest of Mars
Gary Bradner - The Howling
Gene Wolfe - The Shadow of the Torturer
George Bartram - The Thirteen Evenings
George Berguno - The Sons of Ishmael
George de Valliere - Opals from a Mexican Mine
George Goodchild - A Message From Space
George Griffith - Olga Romanoff
George Humphrey - The Haunted Room
George Lowther - The Adventures of Superman
George MacDonald - Various editions [inc. Phantastes, Dealings with the Fairies, At the Back of the North Wind, The Princess and The Goblin, The Princess and Curdie]
George Orwell - Various [inc. Nineteen Eighty-Four, Animal Farm]
George R R Martin - Song of Fire and Ice [inc. Game of Thrones, Storm of Swords, Clash of Kings]
George R. Stewart - Earth Abides
Gerhart Hauptmann - The Island of the Great Mother
Gertrude Warren - The Haunted House at Kew
Goethe - Faust [Various editions]
Gordon R. Dickson - The Pritcher Mass
Grant Allen - The Beckoning Hand and Other Stories
Greg Egan - Permutation City
Gustav Meyrink - The Golem
Guy Endore - The Werewolf of Paris

H. De Vere Stacpole - Various [inc. Death, The Knight, And the Lady, The Naked Soul]
H. Russell Wakefield - Various [inc. Old Man's Beard, Others Who Returned, The Clock Strikes Twelve]
H.M. Egbert - Draught of Eternity, The Sea Demons
H.P. Lovecraft - Various [inc. Looking Backward, The Shadow over Innsmouth, The Outsider, Beyond the Wall of Sleep]
H.S. Merriman - The Slave of the Lamp
Hal Clement - Needle, Mission of Gravity
Halbert J. Boyd - Strange Tales of the Western Isles
Hannes Bok - The Sorcerer's Ship, Beyond the Golden Stair
Hanns Heinz Ewers - Vampir
Harlan Ellison - Love Ain't Nothing But Sex Misspelled, All the Lies That are my Life
Harris Merton Lyon - Sardonics
Harry Enton - Frank Rease and his Steam Man of the Prairies
Harry Harrison - Bill, The Galactic Hero. Make Room! Make Room!
Heinrich Infuhr - Die Neue Kolonie
Henry Kuttner - Ahead of Time
Henry S. Whitehead - Jumbee
Henry Watson - The Witch's Cavern
Herbert Clock - The Light in the Sky
Herbert Gordon - The Place Called Dagon
H.G. Wells - Various [inc. The Stolen Bacillus, The Time Machine, The Island of Dr Moreau, The Invisible Man, The War of the Worlds, The First Men in the Moon - Particularly signed / inscribed copies, early jackets and proofs]
Hope Mirrlees - Lud In The Mist
Hugo Gernsback - Ralph 123C 41+
Hume Nisbet - The Haunted Station

I.F. Clarke - British Future Fiction
I.O. Evans - The World of To-Morrow
Iain M Banks - Various [inc. Consider Phlebas]
Ingulphus - Brief Tales of Granta and Gramarye [in jacket]
Isaac Asimov - Various [inc. I, Robot, Foundation Books, Caves of Steel, Naked Sun, The Currents of Space]
Italo Calvino [Early first editions and signed books]

J Sheridan Le Fanu - Various [inc. The House by the Church-Yard, Uncle Silas, In a Glass Darkly, The Watcher]
J. Clarence Marple - Anona of the Moundbuilders
J.D. Beresford - The Hampdenshire Wonder
J.M. Bloomer - D'Mars' Affinity
Jack Finney - The Body Snatchers
Jack London - Various [inc. Before Adam, The Iron Heel, The Star Rover]
Jack McLaren - Which Hath Been
Jack Vance - Various [inc. To Live Forever, Eight Fantasms and Magic, The Languages of Pao]
James Alexander - The Lunarian Professor
James Barlow - One Half of the World
James Blish - Various [inc. Earthman, Come Home, They Shall Have Stars, A Case of Conscience - Particularly the UK Case proof]
James Blyth - With a View to Matrimony
James Corbett - The Death Pool
James DeMille - A Strange Manuscript Found in a Copper Cylinder
James Fenimore Cooper - The Monikins
James George Frazer - The Golden Bough
James Herbert - The Rats, The Fog, Lair
James Hogg - The Brownie of Bodsbeck and Other Tales
James McBryde - The Story of a Troll-Hunt
James P Blaylock - The Shadow on the Doorstep
James W. Harkins - A Prince of the East
James William Barlow - The Immortals' Great Quest
Jane Loudon - The Mummy [First and Second Editions]
Jean Ray - My Own Private Spectres. The Horrifying Presence
Jeremiah Curtin - Tales of the Fairies
Jerome Hart - Argonaut Stories
J.G. Ballard - Various [inc. Drowned World, Four-Dimensional Nightmare, The Terminal Beach, Drought, Crystal World, Crash, Vermilion Sands. Early Proofs, Signed and Inscribed Copies]
Jim Butcher - Furies of Calderon
Joanna Russ - Picnic on Paradise, And Chaos Died
Joe Abercrombie - The Blade Itself, Before they are Hanged
Joe Haldeman - The Forever War
Johannes Friedrich - Das Luftgespenst
John Bellairs - The Face in the Frost
John Beynon - Foul Play Suspected, The Secret People, Planet Plane
John Brunner - No Future In It, Stand on Zanzibar, The Sheep Look Up, Traveller in Black
John Christopher - The Death of Grass
John Crowley - The Deep, Little Big
John Howard - The Silver Voices
John M. Batchelor - A Strange People
John Meade Falkner - The Nebuly Coat
John Metcalfe - My Cousin Geoffrey
John Myers Myers - Silverlock
John Norman - Tarnsman of Gor
John Polidori - The Vampyre [various issues]
John Scalzi - Old Man's War
John Taine - The Greatest Adventure, The Iron Star
John Timbs - Romance of London
John W. Campbell - The Incredible Planet, Who Goes There?, The Moon is Hell,
John Wyndham - Various [inc. Day of the Triffids, The Kraken Wakes, Jizzle, Chrysalids, Midwich Cuckoos - particularly proofs]
Jonathan Carroll - Bones of the Moon
Jonathan Lethem - Gun, with Occassional Music
Jonathan Swift - Gulliver's Travels [various editions]
Jorge Luis Borges - Various [inc. Labyrinths, Fictions, particularly signed editions and Argentinian first editions]
Jose Saramago - Consult
Joseph Atterley - A Voyage to the Moon
Joseph Conrad - The Inheritors
Joseph O'Neill - Land Under England
Josephine Bacon - The Strange Cases of Dr Stanchon
J.R.R. Tolkien - Various [inc. Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, The Hobbit, The Fellowship of the Ring, The Two Towers, The Return of the King, History of Middle-Earth]
Jules Verne - Various [inc. A Journey to the Centre of the Earth, Around the World in Eighty Days, Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea]

K. Prichard - Ghosts
Karel Capek - R U R Rossum's Universal Robots, Vec Makropulos, Krakatit, Adam Stvoritel, Kamse Deji Knizky
Keith Roberts - Pavane [UK first]
Keri Hulme - The Bone People
Kim Stanley Robinson - Red Mars
Kurt Vonnegut - Player Piano, Sirens of Titan, Cat's Cradle, Slaughterhouse Five

L. Ron Hubbard - Buckskin Brigades, Slaves of Sleep
L. Sprague De Camp - Lest Darkness Fall, Divide and Rule, Genus Homo, The Undesired Princess
L.P. Gratacap - The Certainty of a Future Life in Mars
L.T. Meade - Various [inc. Stories from the Diary of a Doctor, The Brotherhood of the Seven Kings, Silenced]
L.T.C. Rolt - Sleep No More
LA Lewis - Tales of the Grotesque
Lady Emilia Dilke - The Shrine of Death
Lanza and Harvey - Scarabaeus
Larry Niven - Ringworld
Leah Bodine Drake - A Hornbook for Witches
Leigh Brackett - The Starmen, The Long Tomorrow, The Sword of Rhiannon
Leon Gozlan - Monkey Island
Lester Del Rey - Moon of Mutiny
Lewis Padgett - The Brass Ring, Robots Have No Tails
Lord Dunsany - Various [inc. The Gods of Pegana, The Sword of Welleran, The Book of Wonder, The King of Elfland's Daughter, Fortress Unvanquishable]
Lorenz Flammenberg - Necromancer
Louis Marvick - The Star Ushak

M.S. Landis - The Social War of the Year 1900
Madeleine L'Engle - A Wrinkle in Time
Manly Wade Wellman - Giants from Eternity, Who Fears the Devil?
Margaret Atwood - MaddAddam Trilogy [signed], Handmaid's Tale
Margaret Cavendish - Blazing World
Mark Hansom - The Shadow on the House
Mark Samuels - The Man Who Collected Machen
Mary Anderson - A Son of Noah
Mary Shelley - Frankenstein [various editions], The Last Man
Matthew Gregory Lewis - Various [inc. The Monk, Village Virtues, The Minister, The Castle Sceptre, Tales of Wonder]
Maurice LeBlanc - The Secret Tomb
Maurice Level - The Grip of Fear
Mervyn Peake - Captain Slaughterboard Drops Anchor, Titus Groan, Gormenghast, Titus Alone
Michael Arlen - Ghost Stories
Michael Henry Dziewicki - Entombed in Flesh
Michael Moorcock - Various
Mikhail Bulgakov - The Master and Margarita
Mile - The Seventh Bowl
Milton Lesser - Spacemen, Go Home
Montague Summers - Various [inc. The Supernatural Omnibus, The Werewolf]
M.P. Shiel - Various [inc. Prince Zaleski, Shapes in the Fire, The Purple Cloud, The Yellow Wave, The Pale Ape]
M.R. James - Various [inc. Ghost Stories of an Antiquary, A Thin Ghost, The Five Jars, A Warning to the Curious, Wailing Well]
Mrs Oliphant - Stories of the Seen and Unseen
Mrs. Campbell Praed - The Soul of Countess Adrian
Murray Leinster - Space Platform

Neal Fyne - The Land of the Living Dead
Neal Stephenson - Snow Crash
Neil Gaiman - Various [inc. A Screenplay, Duran Duran]
Nicholas Longworth - The Marquis and the Moon
Nigel Kneale - The Year of the Sex Olympics, Quatermass
Novalis - Exotics, Twelve of the Spiritual Songs of Novalis

Octavia E. Butler - Wild Seed
Olaf Stapledon - Last Men in London, Odd John, Star Maker, Darkness and the Light, Sirius and Early Proofs
Oliver Onions - Tales from the Far Riding, Ghosts in Daylight, The Hand of Kornelius
Orson Scott Card - Ender's Game
Oscar Wilde - The Picture of Dorian Gray
Otfrid von Hanstein - Elektropolis
Otto Goldman - Das Ende Der Meere
Otto Willi Gail - Mit Raketenkraft, By Rocket to the Moon

Paolo Bacigalupi - The Wind-Up Girl
Patrick Rothfuss - Name of the Wind
Paul V. Dallas - The Lost Planet
Pedro Alarcon - The Strange Friend of Tito Gil
Percy Greg - Across the Zodiac
Peter C. Brown - Smallcreep's Day
Peter F Hamilton - Reality Dysfunction
Peter S. Beagle - A Fine and Private Place
Philip George Chadwick - The Death Guard
Philip Jose Farmer - The Green Odyssey, Strange Relations
Philip K Dick - Various [inc. A Handful of Darkness, World of Chance, Time Out of Joint, The Man in the High Castle, The Three Stigmata of Palmer Eldritch, The Penultimate Truth, The World Jones Made, Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep, Ubik, A Maze of Death, Counter-Clock World]
Philip Wylie - Gladiator, The Murderer Invisible
Pierre Benoit - Atlantida
Pierre Boileau - The Living and the Dead
Pierre Boulle - Planet of the Apes, Monkey Planet
Piers Anthony - The Ring
Pot and Swears - The Scarlet City
Poul Anderson - Various [inc. The Enemy Stars, The High Crusade, Guardians of Time, Tau Zero, Brain Wave]

R. Murray Gilchrist - Various [inc. The Stone Dragon]
R. R. Ryan - Freak Museum
R.A. Lafferty - Strange Doings, Does Anyone Else Have Something Further to Add?, Nine Hundred Grandmothers
R.B. Russell - Putting the Pieces in Place
R.H. Malden - Nine Ghosts
R.R. Ryan - Echo of a Curse
R.W. Service - The House of Fear
Ray Bradbury - Various [inc. Dark Carnival, The Martian Chronicles, Illustrated Man, Martian Chronicles, Fahrenheit 451, Futuria Fantasia]
Ray Cummings - The Girl in the Golden Atom, The Man who Mastered Time, Tarrano the Conqueror
Raymond F. Jones - This Island Earth
Raymond Feist - Magician, Silverthorn
Reginald Broomhead - A Voice from Mars
Reginald Glossop - The Orphan of Space
Rex Gordon - The Paw of God
Rhys Hughes - Worming the Harpy
Richard A. Fox - The People on Other Planets
Richard B Gamon - The Strange Thirteen
Richard Bachman - UK and US Paperback First Editions [Fine copies, NEL/New English Library and Signet]
Richard Francis Burton - Vikram and the Vampire
Richard Marsh - Various [inc. The Beetle]
Richard Matheson - Born of Man and Woman, I Am Legend, Hell House, The Shrinking Man
Richard Morgan - Altered Carbon
Robert Aickman - Various [inc. We Are For the Dark, Dark Entries, Powers of Darkness]
Robert Ames Bennet - Thyra
Robert Barr - Revenge!
Robert Bloch - The Scarf, Psycho
Robert Burley - The 6th [Sixth] Day
Robert Chambers - The King in Yellow
Robert Cromie - A Plunge into Space, The Crack of Doom
Robert E Howard - Weird Tales, A Gent from Bear Creek, Conan the Conqueror
Robert Esnault-Pelterie - L'Exploration Par Susses
Robert Heinlein - Various [inc. The Man Who Sold the Moon, The Puppet Masters, Double Star, Robert Heinlein - Starship Troopers, Stranger in a Strange Land, The Moon is a Harsh Mistress, Rocket Ship Galileo]
Robert Holdstock - Mythago Wood
Robert Hugh Benson - A Mirror of Shalott, Lord of the World
Robert J. Sawyer - Consult
Robert Jordan - The Eye of the World
Robert Louis Stevenson - Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde
Robert McCammon - Swan Song
Robert Potter - The Germ Growers
Robert Spencer Carr - Beyond Infinity
Robert W. Chambers - The King in Yellow
Robin Hobb - Assassin's Apprentice, Royal Assassin, Assassin's Quest
Roger Zelazny - Various [inc. Lord of Light, This Immortal, The Dream Master, Damnation Alley, Nine Princes in Amber, The Doors of his Face, Nine Princes in Amber]
Ron Weighell - Tarshishim
Russell Hoban - Riddley Walker
Russell Thorndike - The House of Jeffreys
Ruthven Todd - The Lost Traveler

S. Baring-Gould - The Book of Were-Wolves
S. Wright Fowler - Various [inc. The Amphibians]
Samuel Brunt - Cacklogallinia
Salman Rushdie - Grimus, Midnight's Children, The Satanic Verses, Two Stories
Samuel R. Delany - Dhalgren, Babel-17, The Einstein Intersection
Sarban - The Doll Maker
Saumarez De Havilland - Ritherdon's Grange
Sax Rohmer - Moon of Madness
Sean M'Guire - Beast or Man? [with the Egan jacket]
Shane Leslie - Fifteen Odd Stories
Shirley Jackson - The Haunting of Hill House [Viking and Joseph first editions]
Simon Strantzas - Beneath the Surface
Skelton Kuppord - A Fortune from the Sky
Stanislaw Lem - Solaris [inc. Polish first]
Stanton A Coblentz - Under The Triple Suns, The Day the World Stopped
Stephen Baxter - Raft
Stephen Donaldson - UK Molendinar Hardbacks
Stephen King - Carrie, Salem's Lot, Rage, The Shining, Night Shift, The Stand, The Gunsliner, Sie
Storm Jameson - In the Second Year
Susan Hill - The Woman in Black
Sydney Watson - The Mark of the Beast

T.R. Threlfall - Strange Adventures of a Magistrate
Talbot Mundy - OM The Secret Abhor Valley, Queen Cleopatra, Tros of Samothrace
Ted Chiang - The Lifecycle of Software Objects and Others
Terry Brooks - Sword of Shannara
Terry Pratchett - Various [inc. The Carpet People, Dark Side of the Sun, Strata, The Colour of Magic, The Light Fantastic, Equal Rites, Mort]
Thea Von Harbou - Metropolis [various formats, theatrical programmes, posters etc.]
Theodor Flournoy - From India to the Planet Mars
Theodore Strauss - Moonrise
Theodore Sturgeon - Without Sourcery, Caviar, The Joyous Invasions, Starshine, Venus Plus X, Sturgeon in Orbit
Thomas Bailey Aldrich - Out of his Head
Thomas Burke - Dark Nights
Thomas Calvert McClary - Three Thousand Years
Thomas De Quincey - Klosterheim. Or, The Masque
Thomas Lee - Falsivir's Travels
Thomas Ligotti - Songs of a Dead Dreamer, Death Poems, Grimscribe, Noctuary, This Degenerate Little Town
Thomas M. Disch -  The Genocides, 334, Camp Concentration
Tim Powers - The Anubis Gate
Tod Robbins - The Unholy Three, Silent, White and Beautiful
Tracy Turnerelli - A Russian Princess

Uel Key - Yellow Death
Ursula Le Guin - Left Hand of Darkness, A Wizard of Earthsea, The Dispossessed

Vargo Statten - Creature from the Black Lagoon
Vernon Lee - Phantom Lover
Victor Rousseau - The Messiah of the Cylinder
Vincent O'Sullivan - A Book of Bargains
Vivian Meik - Veils of Fear
Voltaire - Micromegas

W. C. Morrow - The Ape, The Idiot, and Other People
W. Clark Russell - The Phantom Death
W.J. Stuart - Forbidden Planet
Walter Besant - The Inner House
Walter Miller - Conditionally Human, A Canticle for Leibowitz
Warren Richardson - Dr Zell and the Princess Charlotte
Welcome S. Byron - From Earth's Center
William Beckford - Vathek
William Bingfield - Travels
William F. Nolan & George Clayton Johnson - Logan's Run
William Gibson - Various [inc. Neuromancer, Burning Chrome]
William Hope Hodgson - Various [inc. The Boats of Glen Carrig, The House on the Borderland, The Ghost Pirates, The Night Land, Carnacki, Men of the Deep Waters]
William Le Queux - The Zeppelin Destroyer
William Peter Blatty - The Exorcist
William R. Bradshaw - The Goddess of Atvatabar
William Reginald Hodder - The Vampire
William Tenn - Various [inc. The Human Angle, Time in Advance, Of Men and Monsters]
William Timlin - The Ship the Sailed to Mars

Zabelle Boyajian - Armenian Legends and Poems
Zenna Henderson - Pilgrimage


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