The Tartarus Press - Books Bought / Wanted

We have a fondness for the Tartarus Press, they produce lovely books, well presented, robust and a good selection of titles both old and new. We are actively seeking most out-of-print titles. Of particular interest are the following titles:

  • Adrian Woodhouse - Beresford Egan
  • Algernon Blackwood - Pan's Garden
  • Andrew Michael Hurley - The Loney
  • Arthur Machen - Ritual, Tales of Horror and the Supernatural
  • Christopher Blayre - The Cheetah-Girl
  • Denton Welch - Where Nothing Sleeps
  • Edward Heron-Allen - The Collected Strange Papers of Chrisopher Blayre, The Princess Daphne
  • Henry James - The Sense of the Past
  • Jean Lorrain - Nightmares of an Ether-drinker
  • John Gaskin - The Long Retreating Day
  • L.P. Hartley - The Collected Macabre Stories
  • Marcel Schwod - The King in the Golden Mask
  • Mark Samuels - The White Hands
  • Mark Valentine - In Violet Veils
  • M.P. Shiel - Shapes in the Fire
  • Nike Sulway - Rupetta
  • Peter Cannon - Forever Azathoth
  • Quentin S. Crisp - Morbid Tales
  • Ralph Adams Cram - Black Spirits and White
  • Reggie Oliver - Mrs. Midnight
  • Rhys Hughes - Worming the Harpy, The Smell of Telescopes
  • Robert Aickman - Collected Strange Stories, Tales of Love and Death, We Are for the Dark
  • Sarban - The Sound of his Horn, The Doll Maker, 
  • Simon Strantzas - Cold to the Touch
  • William Hope Hodgson - The Wandering Soul and The Lost Poetry

Please contact us if you have copies to sell, or are just interested in find out a little more. Single volumes and full collections purchased. Contact us on 07557 652 609 or email us

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