Victor Gollancz Science Fiction and Fantasy Rare Books Bought

If there's one publisher we love to see on our shelves it's Victor Gollancz. For a good number of years, Gollancz's SF output was best known for the striking Yellow dustjackets, something the publisher carried over from his earlier days of publication when he published primarily socialist and left-wing items. Many of the first editions, whilst collectable, aren't particularly scarce or sought after, so might not be for us, but if you see one of the recognisable jackets with the bold text feel free to get in touch (we've included a few images below so you can see what we mean). Please note too that a good number of Gollancz books, particularly fantasy, were not published with plain yellow jackets.

Here are some notable titles:

  • Abercrombie, Joe - The Blade Itself, Before They Were Hanged
  • Aickman, Robert - Tales of Love and Death, The Late Breakfasters, Sub Rosa
  • Asimov, Isaac - The Gods Themselves
  • Ballard, J.G. - Empire of the Sun, The Drowned World, The Terminal Beach, 4-Dimensional Nightmare
  • Clarke, Arthur C. - Rendezvous with Rama, The Fountains of Paradise, Reach for Tomorrow
  • Crowley, John - Little, Big
  • Delany, Samuel - The Einstein Intersection, Babel-17
  • Dick, Philip K. - A Scanner Darkly, The Man in the High Castle, A Maze of Death, Collected Stories
  • Du Maurier, Daphne - Classics of the Macabre
  • Fort, Charles - Lo!
  • Galouye, Daniel F. - Dark Universe
  • Gibson, William - Neuromancer, Burning Chromes
  • Heinlein, Robert A. - The Door into Summer, Orphans of the Sky
  • Herbert, Frank - Dune
  • Hill, Joe - Heart-Shaped Box
  • Holdstock, Robert - Mythago Wood
  • Le Guin, Ursula K. - Earthsea
  • Lovecraft, H.P. - The Haunter of the Dark, Mountains of Madness
  • Morgan, Richard K. - Altered Carbon
  • Niven, Larry - Ringworld
  • Pratchett, Terry - Mort, Equal Rites, Good Omes, Guards! Guards!, Sourcery, Eric
  • Rajaniemi, Hannu - The Quantum Thief
  • Reynolds, Alastair - Revelation Space
  • Rothfuss, Patrick - The Name of the Wind
  • Rushdie, Salman - Grimus
  • Simak, Clifford - Way Station
  • Strugatsky, Boris & Arkady - Roadside Picnic, The Snail on the Slope
  • Sturgeon, Theodore - Joyous Invasion
  • Visiak, E.H. - Medusa
  • Vonnegut, Kurt - The Sirens of Titan, Cat's Cradle

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